Why 1Up?

Planning an amazing event should be as easy as any other function in your life. It should only take a few clicks of a button and arrive when you want it (ala your ride, your meal, you name it). Sure, an event requires a few more moving parts, but you shouldn’t be the one to worry about that--- that’s our job.

Why do events matter?

Because your company's culture matters. It can make or break your team. If you already love your company culture, we'll help you strengthen it. And if you're still figuring out exactly what your company culture is, we'll help you define it. Most importantly, your team is your company's most valuable asset, so keep them happy.

What types of events?

Sky’s the limit! We have events to bring out your inner child, gamer, foodie, wino- you name it! We plan everything from company milestones, intern events, holiday parties to happy hours, summer BBQ's, birthdays, and everything else in between! Every event is creatively crafted and expertly planned down to the last detail.

Samantha Perlman
Sam is the Co-founder and CEO of 1up Events. She studied Classics at Stanford, so she’s the resident expert on all things toga party related and is fluent in 2 dead languages. She has over 5 years experience building teams at top tech companies (including Airbnb), and has been planning events since before she can remember.
Celia Song
Celia is the Co-founder and COO of 1up Events. She studied mechanical engineering at Cornell and, with over 6 years of project management experience, is all about productivity. She hopes to someday create robots to automate the cupcake decorating process. She’s an aspiring crazy cat lady and avid corrector of typos (mostly Sam’s).